Austin Technology Company challenges the Investment Banks it hired to take it public

Several years after an Austin technology company went public in an IPO, its corporate lawyers advised its CEO that it might have a breach of fiduciary duty claim against its investment bankers. Upon the recommendation of some of the nation’s largest defense firms, the company hired Jeff to prosecute a case alleging the investment banks failed to disclose information that led the company to underprice its IPO.  After overcoming the banks’ motions for summary judgment, Jeff settled the case for a confidential amount.

In addition to this case, Jeff has represented individuals involved in partnership disputes, investors who were misled by their securities advisers, companies that have had contracts breached and the former CEO of a publicly traded corporation concerning allegations of securities fraud and breaches of fiduciary duties.  As with people who suffer serious injuries at the hands of others, Jeff not only prosecutes these cases with meticulous attention makes sure that the jury must understands and identifies with the company or corporate executive he represents.  As a result, Jeff has had tremendous success in the business litigation arena.

In light of his success, Jeff is willing to discuss handling such matters on a contingency or hourly basis.