Colin Holst

In 2010, Jeff Edwards was brought in to work side by side with one of Houston’s most prestigious law firms, Gibbs and Bruns, to help a family who lost their child in a tragic drowning incident.  Using state of the art technology normally reserved for the movie community, Jeff utilized a visual exhibit that highlighted exactly how many times lifeguards should have spotted the young child in the water before he drowned.  After numerous depositions and motions to obtain key documents, the case settled for a confidential amount at mediation.

Just as rewarding as helping the family hold the company responsible for their son’s drowning has been watching how the family honored and continues to honor their son by starting a non-profit, Colin’s Hope, that teaches parents and children about water safety and the dangers of swimming pools.   As a result, the family has likely prevented numerous injuries and gone out of its way to help make sure that other families do not experience the heartbreak they endured.  A link to the charity’s web site is included should you wish to learn more about the organization or make a donation.

As a result of his work on this case and his passion for helping families, Jeff has taken on several more drowning cases. He represented the family of a six-year old who drowned in an apartment complex swimming pool due that was not up to code, (the case settled for a confidential amount), and Jeff currently represents the family of an infant girl who nearly drowned at a different apartment complex and the family of a scuba diver who drowned off the coast of Florida.