Inmate Families Sue Over Heat-Related Prison Deaths

As summer temperatures begin to soar, the Texas Civil Rights Project and Austin lawyer Jeff Edwards filed wrongful death lawsuits Thursday against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the University of Texas Medical Branch, alleging that they failed to protect four prisoners who died from h […]

Family Sues TDCJ Over Heat-Related Death

If her father had survived his time in jail, Stephanie Kingrey said, he would have been returning home from his 11-month sentence this week.

Kingrey’s father, Larry Gene McCollum, suffered heat stroke last July at the Hutchins State Jail in Dallas and died. This morning, the Texas Civil Rights […]

Man loses eyeball after jail assault, sues doctors, county, others

After losing his eyeball, a former Victoria County inmate is suing for damages.

Inmate Isaac Rojas filed a lawsuit in federal court in early February against Dr. Penny Thamwiwat and physician’s assistant Nancy Coppernoll, both employed at Citizens Medical Center.

Also named in the suit are Cit […]

Lawsuit: Mobile apps accessing users’ address books

A class-action lawsuit filed this week in Austin alleges that makers of some of the world’s most popular mobile apps routinely steal address book data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles and even birthdays from millions of users without their knowledge or consent.

In the fil […]

Lawsuit Filed Against Mobile App Providers

A class-action lawsuit was filed against popular social networking and game sites for allegedly accessing confidential private address book data from mobile App users without user permission.

A consortium of Texas attorneys filed the federal class action in the U.S. District Court for the Western […]

Lawsuit filed over app privacy invasion

While mobile app users like sharing private information with family and friends, it’s not necessarily something they want or intend to share with strangers, corporations or those seeking to profit from the information gained.

On Monday, a group of 13 citizens, working with three Austin attorneys, […]

Dozens of teenage Explorers have been sexually abused by police officers. Critics say the Boy Scouts, who oversee the program, should share the blame.

Sergeant Vince Ariaz liked what he saw in 15-year-old “Maggie.” Eager to please, in awe of police work and seeking a trustworthy authority figure in her life, the shy brunette was an ideal fit for the Brownwood, Texas, Police Department’s Explorer program.
With nearly 2,000 law-enforcement Explorer […]

Got2Swim for Colin’s Hope

Four-time Olympic medalist and swimmer Brendan Hansen joined Good Day this morning from the site of Got2Swim’s event for Colin’s Hope. This morning, several swimmers jumped into Lake Austin to swim for Colin’s Hope a local drowning prevention nonprofit organization.

It was expected that 35 swimm […]

Sanders settlement approved by council

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Austin City Council on Thursday approved a $750,000 settlement for the family of Nathaniel Sanders, the teenager who was killed by an Austin police officer in 2009. The council also voted to settle with the passenger in Sanders’ car who was wounded in the shooting.

Mayor Lee L […]

City Votes to Settle Wrongful Death Lawsuit

It’s the vote that Council member Sheryl Cole hopes will finally unite the community.

“I believe it is time for closure. I move approval mayor,” said Cole.
$750,000 to settle the lawsuit the family of Nathaniel Sanders filed against the City of Austin. Going to federal court, Cole says, is a ris […]

Local nonprofit spreads water safety message

With hot days on the horizon, many Central Texans will be hitting the water for some fun in the sun.

The nonprofit Colin’s Hope works to promote the importance of water safety. The organization was formed in honor of Colin Holst, a 4-year-old who drowned in an Austin pool several years ago.


Former APD officer facing lawsuit in shooting

A former Austin police officer involved in a fatal controversial shooting last year is facing more time in court.

A man shot by Austin police officer Leonardo Quintana filed suit on Tuesday at the U.S. District Court.

According to the lawsuit, Sir Lawrence Smith, 22, is seeking medical expens […]

City council awards $1 million in suit

AUSTIN (KXAN) – The Austin City Council is approved a $1 million lawsuit settlement involving the family of Kevin Brown Thursday. Brown was shot and killed by an ex-officer with the Austin Police Department in June 2007 outside Chester’s Nightclub in East Austin.

Brown reportedly looked like he w […]

Settlement in Kevin Brown shooting case

AUSTIN (KXAN) – An Austin city council member confirms the city will likely settle a lawsuit with the family of Kevin Brown, shot and killed by an Austin police officer in June 2007. It happened outside the old Chesters nightclub in East Austin. Councilwoman Sheryl Cole would not share the amount of […]

Acevedo Fires Olsen – APD chief concludes that the Kevin Brown shooting warrants ‘indefinite suspension’

On Nov. 28, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo handed Sgt. Michael Olsen an “indefinite suspension” (the civil-service equivalent of termination) for the fatal June shooting of 25-year-old Kevin Brown. Following a disciplinary review board meeting at Austin Police Depart­ment headquarters last Wednesd […]