Former APD officer facing lawsuit in shooting

A former Austin police officer involved in a fatal controversial shooting last year is facing more time in court.

A man shot by Austin police officer Leonardo Quintana filed suit on Tuesday at the U.S. District Court.

According to the lawsuit, Sir Lawrence Smith, 22, is seeking medical expenses, compensation for physical pain and mental anguish, lost wages as well as physical impairment and disfigurement.

Dash camera video captured at the parking lot of the Walnut Creek apartment complex in East Austin, the day of the shooting show the then 21-year-old run toward Officer Quintana. Quintana is seen running backward firing his gun.

The bullets hit Smith in the chest and killed, Nathaniel Sanders, 18.

Quintana was at the complex investigating a call of gun fire in the area. Smith and Sanders were riding in the suspect vehicle. Quintana says he fired after Sanders reached for a gun.

A grand jury cleared Quintana of criminal wrong doing. Afterward, reports emerged calling Quintana’s actions excessive. Arguments from the NAACP went before the Austin City Council and the Travis County Commissioner’s Court.

The Sanders family filed a civil suit against Quintana but later dropped that suit.

Smith however, is still seeking compensation. In the suit, his attorney, Michael Miller of San Antonio, writes:

“Defendant Quintana, without proper grounds, intentionally, knowingly or recklessly caused harm to Plaintiff’s person. All of the injuries suffered by Plaintiff were inflicted without justification or provocation from Plaintiff and while he was presenting no immediate threat to defendant or anyone else.”

Smith is requesting a jury trial. No specific amount of money is listed in the suit.