Medical Malpractice

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, medical technicians, and other healthcare professionals have the most important responsibility imaginable, the health and well being of our loved ones. Although most of these specialists do their jobs well, when they fail to meet the standards set out by their profession, the effects can be devastating. People can suffer serious, lifelong injuries or even death. When this occurs, they and their families have the right to bring a claim against the negligent party. Jeff Edwards and his firm have successfully handled numerous medical malpractice claims throughout Texas, including Austin, San Marcos, Houston, Midland, San Angelo, Dallas, San Antonio, and Killeen, among others.

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The Eurestis were a close family and their mother meant everything to them. Though she was in her seventies and frail, she remained vibrant in her church and in her family’s lives. However, her doctor failed to treat a wound on her ankle appropriately and she needed to be hospitalized.