Wrongful Imprisonment

With the advent of DNA testing, Texas has discovered that it has imprisoned many innocent people. When the false imprisonment is due to violations of due process, victims have the right to bring a federal lawsuit. Jeff is one of the few lawyers in Texas to have successfully brought such a claim.

In fact, Jeff obtained a $6.8 million recovery— one of the largest civil rights recoveries in U.S. history – for a wrongfully imprisoned innocent man. This case involved egregious abuses of our client’s civil rights, including a forced confession obtained by the Austin Police Department and physical abuse by a fellow inmate that resulted in brain injury. Jeff was able to recover damages not only from the City of Austin, but also from Travis County and the individual who implicated our client.


Once in a lifetime, a lawyer gets the case he went to law school for. In 2002, Jeff Edwards began representing Richard Danziger, an inmate who had been wrongfully imprisoned in the Texas prison system as a result of a coerced confession. Tragically, while in jail, Richard was kicked in the head with steel-toed boots and suffered brain damage.