Automotive Accidents

The most critical component of an automotive accident case is to identify the cause of the accident. We gather and assess the physical evidence of an accident. Evidence such as skid marks and crush damage can help determine important facts such as the speed of the other vehicle. It is critical begin the investigation as soon as possible after the accident. Important evidence can disappear. When you contact us, we will start investigating your case. Next, we will help you seek compensation to cover all the current and expected expenses. While you focus on recovering physically from the accident, we will focus on seeking compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitative costs, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses.

In an auto accident case resulting in disabling injuries, it is rare that the liability insurance of the other driver combined with your own underinsured motorist coverage will come anywhere close to meeting the full expenses of your medical treatment and rehabilitation, your lost income, and your claim for pain and suffering. In order to maximize the likelihood of complete financial compensation for your injuries, we work with experts from the earliest stages of our engagement to see whether motor vehicle defects, including defects in the tires, brakes, seat belts, crashworthiness, or any other component of either vehicle might have caused the accident or aggravated your injuries.

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