Wrongful Death

As a firm that handles cases involving serious injury and death, Edwards Law understands the need for families to honor their loved ones by holding the individuals and companies responsible for their loss accountable.

As Jeff Edwards explains, “This is one of the reasons I became a lawyer. The more I practice the more I realize that advice and counsel to clients is every bit as important as zealous advocacy. Closure is always good—but it must always be on the client’s terms.”

In Texas, wrongful death action must generally be brought within two years of the death. Parents and children of a descendent have standing to bring such a claim.

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A wrongful death action is intended to compensate the plaintiffs for their own losses rather than the losses incurred by the deceased.

The plaintiffs are not entitled to certain types of damages normally recoverable in a personal injury claim, such as the wrongful death victim’s medical expenses, lost income and property damage. These claims belong to the wrongful death victim’s estate and may be recoverable by the personal representative of the victim in a “survival action.” While a wrongful death action compensates the heirs for their own losses as a result of the victim’s death, the claims in a survival action belonged to the wrongful death victim and passed to the victim’s estate upon death.

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