Drownings and Near Drownings

In many instances of accidental drowning, failures by lifeguards, operators, or owners led to the conditions, which allowed victims to accidentally drown. A number of well-known negligent factors may have led-to the accidental drowning or near drowning of your loved one including:

  • Inadequate professional rescuers, lifeguards, or lifesaving equipment
  • Poor pool fencing, gating, or doors
  • Uncovered hot tubs or spas
  • Pool drains unmaintained and prone to suction entrapment
  • Inadequate warning signs
  • Operating boating vehicles in a reckless or dangerous manner
  • Failure to warn and protect beach patrons against potentially hazardous ocean conditions
  • Defective scuba equipment

In most instances of accidental drowning, these injuries and deaths were preventable. Negligent parties can be held responsible for the actions or inactions in the civil courts and damages may be awarded to care for victims or to the estate of deceased victims. Edwards Law can assist families to hold negligent parties responsible and obtain financial compensation, following and during the shock after an accidental drowning of your loved one.

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